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Cowboy electrische fiets Customer reviews

Ratings and reviews from real Cowboy customers. Read what our riders have to say.

  • Dennis ★★★★

    Laatzen 23 Feb 2020 Cowboy 2

    Pros 1. The Cowboy App is very well designed and programmed. 2. The design of the bike is great 3. The weight of the bike is a thumbs up 4. The e drive (engine) is well balanced 5. The retractable battery 6. The bike is a good mix between comfort and athletic. Riding it is just fun 7. The integrated lights Areas of improvement 1. The brakes A. The breaking point is very late B. The grip of the brakes could be better - harder deceleration C. The breaks grind - not used from my mountain bike 2. The mud guards ( design great) but the front mud guard is not very practical. One still gets dirty and muddy. The bike is faster than the spray Conclusion Great bike with some weaknesses. I love the bike. Pitching it all the time to my friends.

    Cowboy antwoord

    Hello Dennis,

    Thank you very much for your review and honest feedback.

    Some slashes of water can escape the front mudguard when riding at higher speeds on wet grounds.
    This should be limited, but please let us know if it's unacceptable to you.

    The Cowboy Team

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