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Cowboy electrische fiets Customer reviews

Ratings and reviews from real Cowboy customers. Read what our riders have to say.

  • Lee ★★★★

    16 Oct 2020 Cowboy 3

    My 🤠 manages to climb to one of the highest football clubs in the country (Oldham Athletic)from my home town of Denton Manchester 7.5miles away in under 30 minutes,daily.With a fair amount of hard cycling to be done but without the motor this would prove at least 3 times more difficult. Brakes are superb and only charge it every 3 days. Its a good looking cycle all black. The app is done in a professional manner with a map installed and speedo which is a major advantage. The only downfall is I seem to feel every single bump on the surface . If it had some sort of suspension this would easily rectify the matter and it would be a 5 star otherwise.

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