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Cowboy electrische fiets Customer reviews

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  • Sebastian ★★★★★

    Borken 06 Jul 2021 Cowboy 3

    After a month, you can see where savings were made or not really paid attention to during production. The support writes quickly at first, but after a month no one is interested in the support that you have problems. I initially had a scratch on the fender. The support has reported quickly and sent me the color. However, they did not really look at the pictures. The color that was sent was unfortunately the wrong one. It was sent gray, the scratch is on the black fender. The next problems I have initially felt normal until they became worse. The front brake is permanently grinding. I had thought that the brake pads still run in but after closer inspection you can see that the brake disc has a strong imbalance. To the comes after a ride of 8 km a crack or crunch from the middle part and with slight bumps it also cracks in the front area. I have written to the support on Friday (02.07.2021) and have not yet received a response. I think that I get here only on 09.07.2021 an answer because my 30-day return policy has expired by then. I love to ride the bike but with so much crunch, crack and grind you do not need a bell more and so it's no fun to ride it. Which I must soon draw a line for the bike if nothing changes soon. Translated with

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